Berman Contemporary

Berman Contemporary is a South African contemporary art gallery founded in 2018 by Candice Berman and rooted in Johannesburg. The gallery represents artists from South Africa who engage with the narrative of the country and focus on a visual art language in the African context.

Berman Contemporary has an exhibition programme which offers an art experience that celebrates the innovative and expressive lens of contemporary art by bringing together emerging and established talents from around the country. The exhibition programme represents a generation of creatives from the southern hemisphere who are standing up and expressing their voices by embracing their narratives and ancestral practices, all the while cherishing their values and belonging.

Berman Contemporary offers the artists an ongoing mentorship programme to support their artistic development and growth within the international art ecosystem. Emerging from this programme, we collaborate on developing new ways of working together, and together we shape ideas on how to present their work in a unique and interactive way. This ongoing support is a process of discovery and playfulness through continuous, generative engagement, which acts as a catalyst for interconnectedness with a wide range of art collectors and other talented forces.
Berman Contemporary South African Art