Open Art SA

Open Art SA is a groundbreaking initiative that celebrates the vibrant tapestry of South African visual arts, inviting talented artists from diverse backgrounds to showcase their creativity in the heart of Johannesburg’s cultural landscape. Located within the newly inaugurated 223 Jan Smuts Creative Hub, this project offers a platform for artists to unleash their imagination and talents, fostering a dynamic dialogue between art, audience, and the city.

Open Art SA is an immersive, rotating display featuring the works of South African visual artists. This project aims to bridge the gap between artists and the public by providing a prominent space for artists to exhibit their creations, embracing various forms of visual expression including painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, and mixed media installations. The display will operate on a quarterly basis, with each exhibition running for three months, ensuring a continuous influx of fresh, innovative artworks.

The choice of 223 Jan Smuts as the venue underscores our commitment to revitalizing urban spaces with artistic energy. This state-of-the-art Creative Hub serves as a beacon for creativity, providing a contemporary, inspiring backdrop for the artists’ works, inviting visitors into a world of artistic wonder.


Open Art SA

OASA Collaborating with Justin Brett