Candice Berman Gallery

At Candice Berman Gallery, we view the world with a curious eye – a curiosity that drives our selection of artists. Our fascination is with the cultural and personal narratives behind the works, which the artists infuse into their expressions. We believe it’s our calling to support the development of our artists and create novel opportunities for their work to be shared with the country and the world.

Since its birth in 2013, the Candice Berman Gallery has grown to be recognised as a premier destination in Johannesburg for fine art collectors from all over the world. The range of media represented in our collection includes everything from painting and photography to sculpture and prints. The aesthetic primarily regards artists working within the Expressionist Movement.

Our team includes superbly trained installers, adept at handling and hanging artworks to the highest standards, and consultants who collaborate with clients to curate their unique collections. To support this service, we also offer custom and boutique framing to the British Fine Art Trade Guild’s Five Levels, as a certified Guild-Commended Framer.

We see it as our privilege to introduce our clients to raw talent and unusual pieces with which to expand and extend their collections. We invite all art enthusiasts to visit the fresh exhibitions we regularly host in our gallery space, where we introduce our clients to new work and the artists creating it.
Candice Berman Gallery